CGA M-1 & ASSE 6015 Dual Certification for Bulk Compressed Medical Gas Supply System Installers

The CGA M-1 & ASSE 6015 dual certification exam provides a comprehensive evaluation of a candidate’s knowledge of the process of designing, locating, installing, commissioning, maintaining, testing, removing, and documenting work on a bulk compressed medical gas (CMG) supply system in accordance with CGA M-1, Standard for Medical Gas Supply Systems at Health Care Facilities (an American National Standard); ASSE 6015, Bulk Medical Gas / Cryogenic Fluid Central Supply Systems Installers; and requirements from applicable national regulations and model codes.

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Verify compliance with prerequisites.

To apply for the exam, you must provide documentation of:

  • successful completion of a minimum of 32 hours of bulk medical gas supply system training compliant with CGA M-1.1 or ASSE 6015; and
  • the table of contents from their current employer's standard operating procedures (SOPs) for bulk medical gas supply system installations.

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