Effective July 1, 2023, the CGACB will no longer provide certifications or associated services for ASSE 6015/CGA M-1, ASSE 6035, or ASSE 6055.

We recommend considering the following reputable organizations for your future certification requirements:

B&R Compliance Associates, LLC provides solutions and peace of mind by having a group of highly respected industry experts with skillsets covering FDA Food and Medical Compliance, Risk Management, Process Safety and Efficiency, DOT, Quality Systems and Certifications, Code Compliance, Validation, Food and Beverage Gases, Healthcare Installation training, OSHA - PSM & RMP, EPA, Superfund cleanup, Food Safety, Food Science, and more to deliver value for our customers.  We specialize in delivering cost effective regulatory solutions which are a custom fit to your business and compliance needs.  Please visit https://brcompliance.com/ for more information.

Medical Gas Training Institute (MGTI) is the knowledge leader in the medical and laboratory gas training, certification, and consulting services for the health care and institutional sectors of the compressed gases and cryogenic fluids industry.  Their training and certification programs are developed by some of the most respected authorities in the industry.  Please visit their website at www.medgasinstitute.com.

Both B&R Compliance Associates, LLC and the Medical Gas Training Institute have established themselves as leaders in their respective domains and have extensive experience in providing high-quality certification services. If you previously obtained a certification from the CGA Certification Board, LLC these providers have agreed to verify your credentials upon request, and to allow you to seek renewal of any current, unexpired CGACB certification in accordance with their pricing and test structure for renewal exams.

We value your commitment to professional development and appreciate the trust you have placed in the CGACB over the years. We are confident that B&R Compliance Associates, LLC and the Medical Gas Training Institute will be able to support your certification needs and offer you the same level of excellence and credibility you have come to expect.