Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I find your policies and procedures?

CGACB's Policies and Procedures Manual is available to download at the link below.

CGACB Certification Procedures and Policies Manual (3rd ed)

What are the exam fees?

The fee schedule for each certification program is listed on the Certifications page.

Where can I take my exam?

We offer exams online via video proctoring, on site at our Northern Virginia headquarters, and on site at your facility location (additional charges may apply).

Please Contact Us for more information on our certification programs and policies, exam scheduling, and any other questions that you have regarding our program.

I have an existing ASSE 6015, 6035, or 6055 certification from another provider. Can I transfer that certification to CGACB?

If you hold a current, unexpired ASSE 6015 certification from another provider you are eligible to take the upgrade exam for the dual CGA M-1/ASSE 6015 certification offered by CGACB.

If you hold a current, unexpired ASSE 6035 or 6055 certification from another provider, you may recertify with CGACB at the renewal rate for that exam.