Where can I find your policies and procedures?

CGACB's Policies and Procedures Manual is available to download at the link below.

CGACB Certification Procedures and Policies Manual (1st ed)

What are the exam fees?

The fee schedule for each certification program are listed on the Certifications page.

When is the next certification exam?

The schedule of upcoming exams is listed on the Certifications page.

Do you offer on-site exams for companies with multiple certification candidates?

We are working to schedule exams in convenient locations across the U.S., and we're also happy to come directly to your facility (additional charges may apply). Please Contact Us if you would like to discuss location options for your exam!

Do you offer web-based exams?

We do not offer web-based exams at this time, but are looking into this and other alternative options for our exams in the future.