CGA M-1 & ASSE 6015 Certification

Offered for bulk compressed medical gas (CMG) supply system personnel, this is a dual certification to CGA M-1, Standard for Medical Gas Supply Systems at Health Care Facilities (an American National Standard) and ASSE 6015, Bulk Medical Gas Systems Installers.

The exam will provide a comprehensive evaluation of a candidate’s knowledge of the process of designing, locating, installing, commissioning, maintaining, testing, removing, and documenting work on a bulk CMG supply system, including:

  • the minimum requirements for the design, installation, maintenance, testing, and removal of all new or upgraded bulk CMG supply systems at health care facilities;
  • FDA current good manufacturing practice requirements that shall be taken into account to prevent adulteration of the compressed medical gases; and
  • requirements from applicable national regulations and model codes.

Visit the Exam Detail Page for a detailed exam outline, and download a flier for the CGA M-1/ASSE 6015 Certification program here.

Upcoming Exam Schedule

We are available to host exams throughout the United States. Having a company training event? We’ll come to you! Please contact us if you are interested in taking the exam and let us know what locations are convenient for you! 


Download the application at the link below and submit it to the Program Administrator for review and verification. Apply Now


Provide documentation of candidate training and company procedures that meet the requirements of CGA M-1 or ASSE 6015.


Payment instructions are included in the application file.

Exam Fee: $695 per person
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Location Fee: Varies. Please contact us to inquire about hosting an exam at a location near you!